A People Driven Team



Edward is the founder and CEO of The CnC Group.  Edward, who goes by "Ed", has accumulated experience in the agricultural, energy, and business services industries since 2002.  Ed has an Electrical Engineering degree from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.  Before launching his own consulting company, Ed developed a breadth of knowledge working as a Project Engineer to a Production Supervisor to a corporate Executive.  As an engineer, Ed was responsible for managing capital expansion projects ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars on up to tens of millions of dollars.  During his time working on various production floors Ed was able to lead teams to capturing millions of dollars worth of inefficiencies in various processes while achieving world class safety records and employee retention.  As an executive, Ed developed corporate and department level strategy providing for monumental positive change within the organizations he worked with.

Ed spent most of his career at Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds (WP&A), a division of The Wonderful Company, which is $5B+ food & beverage CPG company.  During his time at WP&A, Ed held positions ranging from Engineering, Maintenance, Operations, HR, Finance, Accounting, and IT.

Ed was also the President & CEO of CherrCo, which is the largest tart cherry cooperative in North America. 

Ed's success has come from his technical experience and ability to problem solve complicated and complex problems by connecting and working with people.  Ed is a true "people person" with a very strong technical background.  Ed is able to think at a very high level while still working in the details of any organization.  His ability to "see" problems at any level of an organization is truly unique.

Ed is passionate about working with both the leadership of companies and the people on the "shop floor" to solve problems and maximize profitability.